This Stroller Was Made For Pokémon GO!

PokemonGOstrollerNo. No. No. You cannot sit here and tell me that this stroller being released around the same time as Pokémon GO is a coincidence. Nope. Okay so check it. As we all know, Pokémon GO has is now the most used mobile game in the world, so that means everyone is playing it. Even mothers. That is where the company 4 Moms shines! 

4 Moms created a stroller that also charges your phone as you stroll around, with the generators that are built directly into the rear wheels and a USB port up at the handle. The best thing about this stroller is that its one of those where the baby faces you! Now you can take a screenshot of you capturing a Pokémon with you baby in the background! The 4 Moms Moxie stroller will be made available in October for only $700. It sounds pretty hefty, but here are the benefits. You get headlights and taillights to assist with visibility at night, compartment to store your keys, wallet and USB cables, and you can flip the baby seat to either face you and vice versa!


If you’re a new parent and need to be the very best there ever was (parent and Pokémon trainer), than you need to get this stroller as soon as its available!

What do you think about this? Are you going to use this for your Pokémon GO adventures? Leave your comments below and don’t forget to check us out on Google+, Facebook and Twitter!

Via: Gizmodo

Source: 4 Moms

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