Top 3 Pokémon GO Tips To Help You Play Efficiently!

Pokémon GO has taken off worldwide and more people are trying to level up as fast as they can. Well, there are certain things you can do to make the best of the time you have to play Pokémon GO. Here are the Top 3 Pokémon GO Tips to help you play Pokémon GO efficiently!

1. Queue Your Pokéstops

I live in NYC, and when heading to work and back home, my subway line goes is above ground, allows me to play Pokémon GO as I travel. As you all know, the easiest way to get XP in Pokémon GO is by visiting Pokéstops and obtaining items. When you take your normal route to work, you get a jist of where the Pokéstops are located and if you’ll come in contact with them. So when you see that Pokéstop coming up, just press on it and continue to walk.

Once you come in proximity with the Pokéstop, it’ll allow you to spin it and collect items, once you do just exit out and continue your normal journey. This is best when there are no Pokémon appearing on your screen and you’re just focused on gaining items and XP. This will help you out by the tons!

2. Transfer your Pokémon at home

We get it. You have tons of Pidgey and Weedle you need to get rid of. So do we. But if you do it while you’re on the run, you’re gonna miss out on items and XP that’s nearby. When you transfer Pokémon to Professor Willow, you get a candy for that Pokémon in return. But you don’t get XP for doing that. Don’t waste your outside time on transferring just for candy. Your candy will still be available when you get home; but not the XP. Transfer while you’re on the toilet.

3. When using a Lure Module, use an Incense aswell.

Okay  so you’ve got a good team trained up to take on gyms, but now want to capture more Pokémon to place at gyms, so you head to your nearest Pokéstop and deploy a Lure Module to attract Pokémon towards you. Don’t just stop there, double up by using an Incense too! If you notice, when you use a Lure Module, a Pokémon on your screen also appears on the screen of any other player around you. When you use an Incense though, specific Pokémon come towards you, and are surrounded by the same pink haze that is circling around you, which isn’t visible to the other players.

What does this all mean? More Pokémon for you to capture! Not only are you benefiting from the increase in Pokémon appearances due to the Lure Module, you’re also getting Pokémon to populate on your screen exclusively for you. Lure Modules and Incenses aren’t cheap, they cost actual money, so use your money wisely, and get the best out of the 30 minutes you’re gonna be at the Pokéstop for!

So there you have it. Top 3 things you can do to make your Pokémon GO game time efficient. If you follow these 3 tips everytime when playing, you’ll definitely level up quickly! What do you think? Did you find these tips helpful? Leave your comments below and don’t forget to follow and like us on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter at UmDROID.

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