Google’s Pixel and Pixel XL Leaked!

There have already been several leaks online of what Google’s new phone is going to look like, and of course, we’ve taken all these leaks with a grain of salt. But now this leak here is pretty clear, and also resembles all the leaks that have come before it!

By taking a look at these leaks, I can already tell that this looks like a mix of HTC’s M10 and A9. You’ve give the antenna bands coming around the back like on the A9, and the rounded corner like the M10. The image above shows us the phones in White and Silver, different compared to the black we saw a while back. The USB Type-C port is noticeable but I can’t help but wonder what those 3 sensors on the back are for. 🤔. Now let’s take a look at the front of these devices. 

Say hello to all that bezel!!!! As you can see in the image above, you can see more of a resemblance to the A9 here as well. Now the bottom is blurred out which could obviously be a serial number or maybe it’s a logo of some sort! But one thing we definitely know it isn’t is a damn speaker or fingerprint sensor. So what’s all that damn bezel for. 

Now let me take a moment to breathe. The white face on phones do make their bezels look substantially bigger, so it can just be a bad shot of the phone. Looking at the bezel on the phone, and the bezel on my Nexus 6P, they look about the same size. The only difference is that Huawei put speakers on the front in all that bezel as well. 

Readers, please take this leak with a huge grain of salt. Everytime I take a look at these devices I can’t help but see an A9 in disguise. But we’re all gonna have to wait until Oct. 4 to find out the truth!

Via: Droid-Life

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