App Review: Google Allo


At Google I/O earlier this year, Google announced that they would launch two apps communication apps. One is called Duo and the other Allo. We’ve all gotten to play with Duo for some time now, and appreciate the simplicity of the app. Google attempted to dominate the messaging market before with Google Hangouts, which really couldn’t hold up with the likes of WhatsApp and iMessage. Google Allo though, might be the contender to make a difference!

Clean and Simple Interface

wp-1474839866765.pngAllo takes the aesthetics that Hangouts was missing, and takes it to another level! On top of that, it makes it crazy simple. When you first setup Allo, it asks for your number, and is tied to your number just like WhatsApp, then it prompts you to customize your profile with a picture, and you’re all set from there! Google Allo allows you to search through your conversation up top with a built-in search bar and also has a sandwich menu on the top left, that allows you to customize the image for you profile. To create a new message, just hit that button at the bottom right and you’re good to go!

Messages can’t be any more fun!

Stickers were already part of Google Hangouts, and part of other messaging services like iMessage and Line, so Google didn’t hesitate to bring them to their new Allo app as well. Not many stickers are available, but the options they have will do for now. A new feature that is cool in Allo is the ability to “shout or whisper”. What that means is that you’ll be able to resize the font of the message you send at your will to add a visual effect to it. Make the font small if you want to “whisper” and say “Sex later?” or make it huge and “shout” “WE’RE GOING TO HAVE SEX LATER!” All in all, it’s a fun feature to play with.

Google Assistant at your disposal in your conversations!

Want to eat some dinner with your friends? Need to find a recipe online? Google is here to help! While you’re talking with someone, just @Google in your conversation and what ever you type after that, Google will assist you with. As you can see in the image above, I was talking with my brother about how to make Mangu, than decided to go for some Mofongo instead, since Google assumed I would ask that too. Some people might consider that to be weird, I honestly think its freakin’ awesome!

Incognito Chats that’ll delete the evidence on it own!

One of the best features, if not the best feature available on Allo. Incognito Chat. Now we all know that many messaging platforms say they are encrypted end to end, Allo says that as well, but Allo just took secrecy to another level! For those of you familiar with Snapchat’s way of deleting photos and/or videos after a certain amount of time, Google has made this a feature available for your conversations! Want to send your friend some funny but embarrassing pics? Use incognito! Want to share links to porn vids, but don’t want to compromise your chat history? No worries! Allo has got your back! I can already see this being one of the main features in Google Allo, and one of the reasons I’ll be using Google Allo as my new messaging platform.

The Verdict


Google Allo is pretty new, and I have to convince a lot of my friends to download the application in order to take full advantage of what the application has to offer. I will be using it to talk with the people closest to me, as it is actually pretty fun to use. However, I’ll still be keeping Google Hangouts handy to communicate with those that are reluctant to switching over to such a new platform. If you’re debating to use it over another Messaging platform, I would say give it a shot with some friends. If this app aims to become as mainstream as WhatsApp, it’s already off to a good start!

2 thoughts on “App Review: Google Allo

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