AT&T Purchasing Time Warner For $85.4 Billion

Oh yes you read that right! The AT&T we all love and know, is expanding is video/entertainment branch by purchasing Time Warner. After the recent purchase of DirecTV, AT&T has shown lots interest in the entertainment field, and they’re not stopping at just DirecTV. AT&T will buy Time Warner.

What does that mean for us? I think it’s actually good for competition. How? Here’s an example. Look at the wireless industry; every carrier has lowered prices and increased competition amongst the carriers, which benefits the consumer. As of right now, Comcast is a huge cable company that everyone hates in the U.S. However, they do have a stronghold on the cable TV industry, so some people just need to deal with them.

Now with AT&T coming into the fold, with DirecTV in their arsenal and a potential purchase of Time Warner, Comcast will have some serious competition. AT&T right now offers Unlimited Data on cell phones if you have DirecTV or U-Verse, they’ll probably do the same with Time Warner. How does this mean trouble for Comcast? Well, look at it this way. Comcast customer have cell phones, most likely not provided by Comcast but by AT&T, Verizon, etc. If AT&T were to offer Comcast customers credit for switching from Comcast to Time Warner, DirecTV or U-Verse, they would do so. Same thing for Comcast customer that don’t have AT&T. This is a switchers market man!

With the purchase of DirecTV, AT&T already has the resources to offer customers the best sports packages, and now if Time Warner goes through, AT&T will have the best in entertainment too! (HBO, Warner Bros. and Turner (CNN, TNT and TBS).

Via: TechnoBuffalo

Source: AT&T

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