New Galaxy S8 Leak! 4K Display And 6GB of RAM Coming!

Being that the Galaxy Note 7 has been decommissioned, the rumor mill about the latest and greatest from Samsung needs to begin! And who else is better to begin it than a random user from Weibo!

According to a user on Weibo who claims to be familiar with the plans for the Galaxy S8, it’ll come with a 4K display and 6GB of RAM. Alright let’s look at it this way. 6GB of RAM is alot, but not out of norm for phones available now, just look at the One Plus 3. However a 4K display?! That’s crazy. I have a 4K TV at home that’s 55″ and it looks crystal clear! I think 4K on a 5.5″ screen will just make my eyes bleed!!!

Now even though 4K sounds like overkill, it might be done in part to support VR. VR has become a huge hit and having a 4K screen will make it even better. Another spec leaked by the user on Weibo states that Samsung will use either Qualcomm’s next generation Snapdragon 830 processor or Samsung’s Exynos 8895.

Come February we’ll see the announcement of the next from Samsung, until then stay tuned for more leaks about this and more, on UmDROID!

Via: Sammobile

Source: Weibo

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