Galaxy S8 Rumored To Come In Two Sizes!

With Samsung almost complete and getting all of the Note 7s in the U.S. returned, Samsung needs to pivot it’s focus back to dominating the market again. According to some rumors, Samsung plan of doing that will come in two ways.

One of the latest reports coming out of South Korea states that Samsung is working on two display sizes for the Galaxy S8, one will be 5.7″ and the other 6.2″. Okay, don’t fret; Samsung knows what it’s doing. Samsung is reportedly going to get rid of all bezels on the front and also the home button. Most likely either using on screen fingerprint recognition or sensor on the back. Also, there will no longer be flat Galaxys as they’ll both have curved screens.

As for the naming, Samsung is said to go with Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus, like it’s rivals at Apple. Samsung is expected to launch their new phone in February, so hopefully this rumor is true, and we get real bezel-less phones to enjoy.

What do you think? Would you enjoy a bezel-less 6.2″ phone? Leave your comments below!

Via: The Investor

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