Get Your Meloetta Through Mystery Gift Now!

‘Member when the Pokémon giveaway began in February? I ‘member. For those of you that have been getting each and every legendary ever since Pokémon has been given them away month to month, this month is the last month, where the Pokémon of the month is Meloetta!

The team over at Pokémon has made it simple for us during the holidays, and is giving away the legendary through the internet on Mystery Gift, so no having to travel to a store. To download your very own Meloetta, you’ll have to be on either Omega Ruby or Alpha Sapphire or X/Y to download it and need to use the Mystery Gift through Internet option.

If you’re like me and got ALL of the event Pokémon given away, you might just have to delete one of your wonder cards to be able to receive Meloetta.  Just delete that shiny Beldum card like I did. Meh.

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