Galaxy S8 Rumored To Come With Edge-to-Edge Display, USB Type-C and More!


Samsung hasn’t had an easy time this year. The Note 7 situation has made Samsung lose millions of dollars and also hurt their reputation in the smart phone market. Samsung needs to bounce back from this major hit, and the Galaxy S8 might help them do that!

According to sources over at Bloomberg, the Galaxy S8 come with an “all-screen design” which even excludes the home button as well. The home button will instead be embedded under the screen. Isn’t that cool? Other reports have also suggested that Samsung is going to have Courage and also remove the headphone jack from their phones as well. And as for the MicroUSB port? That’s gone. Those reports state that Samsung will opt into having a USB Type-C port instead for your charging and audio needs.

Do you guys remember that failed attempt at competing against Siri in the form of S Voice Samsung gave us? Well according to Bloomberg, Samsung will unveil an AI that competes directly against Apple and Google’s alternatives. (Please let it be 200 times better than S Voice!) This AI that Samsung will be unveiling will allow you to send text messages, set reminders and will offer features “significantly differentiated” from those available on Siri and Google Assistant.


More info from Bloomberg. Apparently there will be two models of the Galaxy S8, just like the S7, that have “wrap-around displays using OLED technology” making the phone practically bezel-less.  Usually Samsung announces their latest phones in Mobile World Congress in February, but they’re gonna hold off until April, which is a safe bet for them to ensure they don’t mess up!

I’m excited to see what Samsung has to offer next year! What’s your thoughts? Leave your comments below and don’t forget to follow us on Instagram and Twitter to see the most up to date content from umdroid!

Source: Bloomberg


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