Galaxy S8 Could Be Unveiled At Special New York Event!


We all know that at the end of every year, we’re expecting to see something leak or hint towards Samsung’s next smartphone offering, due to Mobile World Congress being in February. And of course, there is a rumor flying around about Samsung’s next phone. Apparently, Samsung won’t unveil its next smartphone in Mobile World Congress!

According to the folks over at Naver, Samsung has finally figured out what cause the battery issues in the Galaxy Note 7, and will take the extra time to gain the trust of consumers, and of course, take precautions with the Galaxy S8. Which is good because Samsung cannot risk having another Note 7 dilemma.

Due to taking these precautions, Samsung won’t be unveiling their newest smartphone at Mobile World Congress to take that extra time. Sources of Naver say that we should expect a stand-alone event in New York in April, which will probably give Samsung more time to speak on their new device. April is a long way to go.

If this comes to be true, this will be  a late announcement of the next Galaxy, the Galaxy S7 was unveiled late February and launched around March 11th. Of course, with rumors going around about Samsung changing up the Galaxy S phone completely, this time might well be needed.

Via: Naver | Sammobile

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