HTC Unveiling Something On January 12th!


HTC has just sent out this image to various to many media outlets which show that they’re announcing something for “U” on January 12th!

What could this be? The first thing that came to my head was something to do with Under Armour like maybe a refreshed Health Box? Being that Under Armour and HTC worked together to make the Health Box, it doesn’t surprise me if they release a follow up now. Some might think, maybe a new flagship? For some reason, that doesn’t seem as plausible as a follow up with the Under Armour products that did so well.


Another thing that leads me to believe that HTC is announcing something health related is that blue background in that image. It looks like the beginning of a commercial where the camera pans down to someone running outside. Don’t you agree? Plus, it’s called “U”. Which is “you”. Which a lot of health products like using to refer to your body and health.

What do U think? What is HTC going to show us on the 12th? Leave your comments below!

Via: Droid Life

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