Pre-Register Now For Mario Run on Android

Are you on Android and are jealous about the fact that you can’t play Super Mario Run? Well then we’ve got great news! You can now Pre-Register to be amongst the first to play Super Mario Run on Android!

Yup you read that right. Super Mario Run, which was announced last year, has been doing alright so far on iOS where it is currently available. It wasn’t the phenomenon that Pokémon GO was, but it made some great strides, becoming the highest grossing app on the iOS app store. Super Mario Run looks promising in terms of gameplay, as it is your normal side scrollers.

With Super Mario Run, you get to play the first Three levels of the first world for free. After that you do have to pay $9.99 for the rest of the game. Not that bad for an original Mario game made for mobile. Super Mario Run’s gameplay is controlled by a single button, so get your thumb ready for some button pressing action! Super Mario Run also has a competitive online gaming community, which will allow you to compete scores against other players!

Head over to the Google Play Store and Pre-Register Now!

Play Store Link

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