Google Voice Get Revamped! Material Design And More Are Here!

It’s here! It’s finally here! The Savior of Google Voice! For some time now, if you’ve been a Google Voice user, you’ve been welcomed to an app that looked new back when Android Cupcake was announced. (A very long time ago). While Google periodically updated the application to fix and bugs reported by users, and add some integration with Hangouts, the aesthetic of the app hasn’t really changed, which threw off the whole material design  theme you were going for. Look at this ugly stuff.

For some time, users like me had to suffer from bleeding eyes when using the Google Voice application. The app had so many useful features, and could handle Google Voice numbers seamlessly, unlike Google Hangouts which didn’t do such a good job. But now there is no more suffering! Google has finallly listened! Check it out!

Now isn’t that a sexy app? Google has changed the layout by adding the material design aesthetic and also categorizing the messages, dialer and voicemail in separate tabs. MMS will now be supported through the Google Voice app and so will group chat. Spanish transcription of voicemails are coming too!!

The application will be rolling out in stages, and will be available from the Play Store so don’t get impatient. Do you use Googlr Voice? How excited are you about this update? Leave your comments below!

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