Samsung Releases Reason Note 7 Was Exploding


Finally! It’s that time we’ve all been waiting for! (Not Really). Samsung has officially announced what was causing the Note 7s to explode!! Guess what it was. I’ll give you a hint; it powers the whole phone. Yep. The battery was making the Note 7 explode.

Below is an infographic that details exactly what happened with the first batch of Note 7s, and then what happened to the second batch. With the first batch of Note 7s, let’s use the infographic’s keywords and consider the first batch, (“Battery A”). During the investigation, it was revealed that Battery A had a flaw where the “negative electrode was deflected in the upper-right corner of the battery” and the “tip of the negative electrode was incorrectly located in the curve of the battery”, which is abnormal in a battery. The infographic compares both an abnormal battery and a normal battery for you to fully understand.

In the second batch, the batch with “Battery B”, was poorly made due to pressure from Samsung wanting to resolve this issue as soon as possible. Due to the pressure and speed of ramping productions, Battery B’s quality degraded and began to run across the same issue due to insulation tape that was either damaged or just completely missing.

Check out the infographic below.


Now that you’re done reading all of the nerdy stuff. Here is a video giving you an overview of everything that went wrong, and what Samsung will begin doing to prevent future devices from exploding.

What do you think? Will you be getting a Samsung again? Are you  going to wait on the Note 8? Leave your comments below and don’t forget to follow us on other platforms like Instagram and Twitter!

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