AT&T Offers Two New Unlimited Plans! With Hotspot!

For those of you that haven’t been paying attention to life, the carriers are going all out against each other to see who can offer the best Unlimited Plan. This all started when Verizon announced they were bringing the Unlimited Data back for a pretty good price. T-Mobile of course would respond with a cheaper option. Then came Sprint with a response no one cared for and last came AT&T making a few adjustments to their already existing Unlimited Plan. Not many people were happy about AT&T’s first attempt at a new Unlimited Plan, but AT&T has adjusted and come back strong. 

AT&T is now going to have two Unlimited Data plans. One is called Unlimited Data Plus and the other Unlimited Data choice. Here is an image breaking down the prices for these two different plans.

As you can see, AT&T has come to play ball. Have a cheap plan with AT&T, make it even cheaper by having DirecTV or U-Verse, not that bad. And this is NOT excluding DirecTV Now for you building dwellers. On top of that, customers can also Hotspot too? And don’t even remind me about being able to use any GSM capable phone easily on their network (unlike Verizon). On top too, AT&T is running a BOGO for its most popular phones too! Wow that’s insane!

What do you think? Is this enticing enough for you to switch over? Still wanna hold off an see what’s up? Leave your comments below!

Source: AT&T

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