Galaxy Note Fan Edition (Galaxy Note 7) Coming On July 7th!


Yup you just read that right! The Galaxy Note 7 that we all loved, and some still miss, will be making a comeback in the form of the Galaxy Note FE (Fire Extinguisher Edition). Woah! Relax we’re just kidding, it’s meant for Fan Edition! 


The Galaxy Note Fan Edition will be coming with about the same specs as the Note 7 when it was released, with the only difference being the battery size is now 3200 mAh. The phone will also have a similar software experience as the Galaxy S8 and S8+, Bixby included! Yay! Now this isn’t going to be a worldwide release as Samsung has state that they’re only going to sell 400,000 units in their homeland “South Korea”, and later deciding if they’re gonna expand elsewhere. What about us here in the U.S.? We’re screwed. No fireworks in time for July 4th for us! *tears*

The Galaxy Note Fan Edition will retail for 699,000 won ($611), which is cheaper than what the Note 7 was available for. And for now is only available South Korea.

Are you going to get one? Are you going to wear oven gloves to handle it? Leave your comments below!

Via: Android Central

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